Fix it or not? Questions and solutions when listing you home.

November 12th, 2018

Tips for selling your home:

1) How cold or hot is your market area?

Basically, if it is a sellers market, less fixing up is required and if it is a buyers market you may have to roll up your sleeves to spruce your home up.

2)How fast are you looking to sell?

Naturally if you have a contract on your house, time is of the essence.

Possibly walk other homes in your area to see how they match up to yours. Do you need updating or will some painting  and a good general cleaning do the job? Just make sure their isn’t a single factor that could give your home a disadvantage.

3)What is the condition of comparable homes in your neighborhood?

Item 2)  kind of addresses this concern, key here is to remember Realtors will be showing comparable homes in your neighborhood so be alert to any glaring defects that may put you add a disadvantage in receiving a best price offer. We recommend having your Realtor and possibly a friend walk your house and do a pre listing walk through.

4)Does the faulty item give the impression the property has not been well cared for?

As a Realtor , we know first impression are very important. The buyer may think what else is behind the walls that I do not see? Cracked tile, faulty plumbing fixtures, over grown lawn, broken appliances and anything that does not work should be replaced or serviced.

5)Can you find a less expensive fix?

Let’s say you have scoped out other comparable homes in your area and you see kitchens with custom cabinets and stainless appliances. Adding custom cabinets make not in your budget but changing cabinet hardware and adding new appliances make a world of difference.

6)How much do you need to lower your price if you don’t fix it?

If you have  a lot of costly repairs to do get your home ready to sell and you have not budgeted  for this, you may consider selling AS-IS. Now you may have to discount the selling price but there are plenty of investors who are looking for fixer uppers.

7)Is it one of the first things potential buyers will see?

This is important, first impressions are key, and in the Real Estate business, this is never more true.

If you have a repair that you are unsure of, and the buyer will see it driving up too your home or walking up to you front door, fix it.

8)Could it be a deal breaker?

My advice, if your shingles need to be replaced, you should replace them before you list your home.

The condition of the shingles will be noted by the buyers home inspector and lender any ways, so if possible, we would recommend replacing. You are weeks away from closing,  you have come so far, lets close the deal and move on to your new home.

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